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I'm an professional real estate agent based in Salinas, California. With over 13 Years of experience, I've learned best practices for putting myself in a clients shoes to create the best results for you & your family.

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Sergio Ceja

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Are you looking to upgrade, downgrade, relocate or just want to cash out? Well, I am the Realtor you need with a proven record in this area. I am a result-driven agent and a member of the Monterey County Association of Realtors. Every area has reacted differently to the economic turns. It
is important to work with those that keep their finger on the pulse and keep you informed. My business is based on amazing customer service. I'm not just a Realtor. I love what I do.
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Expert Marketing

We create your own property webpage with HDR photography, videography and drone footage, if applicable. We do this not only because we want to showcase the property but we understand that ALL properties will need individual marketing campaigns for the specific buyer
we are looking for. After developing the website.
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"Sergio is amazing! He helped us to sell our current home and helped us purchase a new home. With his hard work and dedication he made the process of selling and buying easier and less stressful. I felt he really went above and beyond to get the job done. It was a pleasure to work with him and I couldn't be happier. I really love my new home!"


Seller & Buyer

Mr. Ceja was our realtor when we purchased our home.  He was a clever negotiator and smart enough to know that the listing agent was bluffing when she requested a higher price from us.  He did not waver and we got the house.

Dorothy Moy


"Sergio Ceja is one of the best agents in Salinas. He is insightful and very understanding of the needs for your family. He is patient and will find the house that is perfect for you. We appreciate everything that he has done for our family."

Sarah Pratt

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